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Introducing Audio+ the revolutionary advertising technology that combines the best of online audio programming with cross-platform programmatic digital targeting. With Audio+ your audio and display advertising message is delivered to your customer whenever and wherever they listen online.


Audio+ automatically places your audio commercials on Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, NPR, tunein, PodcastOne, Deezer, SoundCloud, and dozens of other audio platforms.


Advertisers enjoy the convenience of making a single media buy that puts their audio and display ads in front of listeners on multiple platforms. With Audio+ there’s no need to choose between streaming services...your ads will air whenever and wherever your target prospects are listening.

  • Adults aged 18-49 are now spending more time on their smartphones than they do with traditional broadcast radio
  • While smartphones are the primary devices used to stream audio, cars and homes are where people are listening the most.

The world of audio has evolved... has your audio advertising?

Today the average person listens to over four hours of audio content each day, and thanks to advanced digital technology, consumers now have more ways to access music, news, and information than ever before. There’s an almost endless variety audio platforms and format options people can listen to.

Unfortunately, all of those options mean that while there’s never been a better time to be an audio listener, it’s also never been more challenging to be an audio advertiser.

That is, until now...

Introducing Audio+

the single-source solution for audio advertisers.

Audio+ takes the guesswork out of online programmatic audio ad buying. With a single purchase, advertisers can serve their targeted audio and display ads to listeners on whatever ad-supported audio platform they’re listening to.

Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, Deezer, iHeart Radio, tunein, Podcast One, and dozens of other ad-supported streaming audio platforms.

With Audio+ your ads are served to the people you want to reach, wherever and whenever they’re listening.

What about people that listen to foreign language audio?

Because streaming service providers allow listeners to register their language preference when they signup, Audio+ can deliver your non-english language commercial to listeners of whatever language you specify.


Audio+ uses programmatic technology to serve audio and display advertising to consumers in the same manner that traditional digital ads are served. Advertisers identify their target customers based on demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral criteria. Audio+ then serves your audio and display ads to listeners on whichever audio platform they listen to.

Audio+ ads are non-skippable and are typically served individually or with only one other non-competing advertiser in a commercial break. In addition to your audio commercial, you can also have a clickable on-screen display ad that will connect listeners to whatever URL or webpage you designate. Listeners can instantly connect with you online... immediate gratification, indeed!

Best of all, Audio+ eliminates the guesswork of picking between audio platforms... your ads go wherever your target customer goes. Audio advertising was never easier nor more efficient.


According to a recent study by Nielsen Research, over 53% of the 12+ population now listens to internet radio every week (Over 150 million people nationwide) What’s more, those listeners are spending more time listening to streaming audio than terrestrial and/or satellite radio.

Thanks to advanced Bluetooth technology, the majority of newer cars and trucks now come equipped with internet-ready audio systems that allow commuters the ability to listen to their favorite music or podcast thru their vehicle’s sound system. In fact, drivers of the newest car models listen to 40% less AM/FM than drivers of older cars.


Unlike broadcast or satellite radio, with Audio+ you can specifically target only the people you want to reach... there’s no wasted impressions. You pick the criteria and Audio+ does the rest. The targetability of Audio + is almost limitless. Age, Gender, Geography, Income, Level of Education, Homeowner versus Renter, FICO Score, Industry affiliation, political affiliation, hobbies and areas of interest, if you can describe who you want to reach, Audio+ can find those people and serve them your audio and display advertising on a variety of ad-supported platforms.

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Unlike advertising on traditional broadcast radio, Audio+ provides a detailed end-of-campaign report that’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of how your campaign performed. We’ll tell you how many impressions your ads received and how many listeners clicked directly to your website (CTR). Advertising on Audio+ eliminates guesswork. Instead of wondering if your ads were heard (or if your ads ran on the best platform) you’ll have the peace-of mind knowing that your advertising was automatically delivered to your best prospects on whatever online platform they were listening.

How do I purchase advertising on Audio+?

It’s very simple. Your Audio+ representative will help you customize your advertising campaign based on who you’re trying to reach and the size of your overall budget. Together we’ll determine the optimal plan that’ll best serve your specific needs. Typically, advertisers can have both audio and clickable display ads (depending on the platform) served to listeners. If you don’t already have pre-produced ads, your Audio+ representative can assist you with audio and graphic production for a nominal cost.

What about campaign follow-up?

At the conclusion of your advertising campaign you’ll receive an end-of-campaign analytics report that will tell you the number of impressions delivered, click-thru-rate (CTR), and a detailed overview of what platforms your ads were heard and seen on. You’ll know immediately how your campaign performed.

How much does it cost to advertise on Audio+?

As you might expect, the cost of advertising on Audio+ varies depending on the size and scope of your campaign. If you’re looking to cover a small geographic area for a limited period of time,the cost will be far lower than a campaign covering a larger area for multiple weeks or months.

Regardless of your budget, Audio+ advertising is incredibly cost-efficient. Your ads are served only to people that match your specific criteria. With Audio+ there’s no wasted impressions... your advertising will only be served to the people that you want to talk to.

Best of all, your Audio+ representative can help you with your campaign if it’s for a single-location business or a multi-location operation across multiple states.

Detailed Campaign reporting

Getting Started

It couldn’t be easier! Connect with our Audio+ support team and we’ll take it from there.

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