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Digital+ is the next generation in comprehensive digital media services. Combining customized digital media solutions with innovative state-of-the-art technology, Digital+ gives you the ability to achieve maximum ROI at a minimal CPM.


Digital+ provides users with a performance-driven alternative to conventional digital media vendors. Our unique products, customer support, and transactional transparency ensure that our clients get optimal results from every dollar spent. Our dynamic programmatic platform offerings guarantee that you’ll be able to maximize productivity for a nominal investment.

More importantly, our concierge-style of conducting business means that your digital campaign receives an abundance of hands-on attention each day with regular communication and campaign updates as often as 3X per week.

Unlike other digital vendors, at Digital+ we’ll never flip the autopilot switch on your digital marketing campaign.


At the conclusion of your campaign, we’ll provide you with comprehensive reporting, insights, and detailed attribution of how your ads were served and who received them. At Digital+ we recognize the importance of providing analytical information that allows you to understand how your campaigned performed and the KPI metrics to measure your campaign’s overall effectiveness.


Digital+ offers a full suite of digital marketing services for businesses of every size and category. A partial listing of our media services include:

  • Data-Driven Media Planning & Buying
  • Programmatic Digital Media Buying
  • Audio / Video / OTT Solutions
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Design & Implementation
  • Online Reputation Management


News, music, entertainment, shopping, social interaction, your customers are living their lives on the internet. The question is, has your company fully embraced the totality of the digital revolution? At Digital+ we can help you traverse the complex and arcane world of the internet to get you the best possible results.
Social Media? (perhaps you’ve heard of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?) Fact is, your customers are spending countless hours online every day...why not talk to them while they’re spending time with their preferred social site? At Digital+ we have social media experts that use predictive technology to put your advertising message in front of decision makers on whatever social media platform they use.
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Dynamic Experiences
Automated Buying


Using the most trusted data providers, Digital+ can put your message squarely in front of the people that matter most to you. There are no wasted impressions...we make every penny count. Digital+ programmatic campaigns are noteworthy for their exceptional targetability and low management fees.

Tell us about your ideal customer and we’ll find them. With the assistance of advanced programmatic technology and superior data partners, we can profile your target customer based on demographics, psychographics, geography, and any number of behavioral and contextual criteria. With this knowledge, we can then serve your advertising message instantaneously with real-time bidding technology no matter where they are online.

At Digital+ we have the ability to connect you with the people that matter most to your business.

Spotlight on: Programmatic advertising

(Almost) everyone is doing it!

A recent Undertone Study showed that 80% of publishers, 81% of agencies and 82% of marketers executed programmatically.
62% of marketers will increase programmatic by an average of 37% in the next two years
75% are spending a portion of their online video budget on programmatic
63% of ad buyers see better inventory with programmatic 86% expect higher quality inventory in the next two years

The next generation in comprehensive digital media services.

Combining customized digital media solutions with innovative state-of-the-art technology, Digital+ gives you the ability to achieve maximum ROI at a minimal CPM. Our extensively trained team members are here to help you achieve your marketing goals while providing unparalleled customer support.

From campaign inception to completion, you’ll always have access to an experienced digital media consultant who’ll assist you with every aspect of your digital campaign. At Digital+ we pride ourselves on providing first-rate service with bottom-line results. No matter the size of your business, Digital+ has the tools and know-how to help you achieve your marketing goals on-time and on-budget.



Although it may seem heretical to say, when it comes to online marketing, the customer is often wrong…or at least supremely misinformed. With so much attention focused on digital media, there are any number of “experts” offering a wide variety of opinions (often contradictory) on the optimal way to advertise on the internet.

The problem is that if your company is still using the same digital marketing strategy that you employed 3-5 years ago, you’re likely losing ground to your competition.

Yes, online marketing has been a game-changer for every industry. Unfortunately, the digital products and strategies that were once considered state-of-the-art have been replaced and/or thrown in the dumpster by technological innovations that you may be completely unaware of.


At Univox Media we’re continually reviewing new concepts, products, and strategies that can improve and/or enhance our customer’s online advertising results. We believe that the “this is the way we’ve always done it” approach to online marketing is a very dangerous game.

Frankly, if your digital marketing is still focused primarily on buying Google ad words or optimizing your ranking on random search sites, you’re about ten years behind your competitors.

We can provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your current digital marketing presence and show you how it compares to your competition. We think you’ll be surprised to see how things look from an altogether different perspective.

The “Secret Sauce”

What? You thought we we’re going to tell you our secret marketing formula on this website? What we can tell you is that our success comes largely from not doing what most other digital marketing firms do.

We find that the majority of digital media companies have a rather predictable cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing. Most of them don’t have a lot of innovative products or strategies. What’s worse is that most of those firms have virtually zero experience in the world of marketing and advertising. Technology, yes…Advertising, no.

...and that's a critical point of differentiation.

Just because someone is proficient with digital technology, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand the fundamentals of advertising and marketing. Honestly, that’s why so many digital marketing websites are so dry, technical, and read like every other site. They’re designed and written by people who have only a superficial understanding of advertising and communication.

Candidly, those aren’t the sort of people that you want handling your online marketing.

At Univox Media, our team is comprised of individuals that have spent years behind-the-scenes in media and advertising. Yes, we have all the technological know-how that you’ll ever want, but we also know the worlds of media, advertising, and marketing backwards and forwards. In short, we have the knowledge and experience that others don’t.

Sorry, No Ping-Pong or Microbrews

One more thing. At Univox Media we’re focused on your business, not our personal amusement.

That’s a polite way of saying that unlike many digital companies, we don’t operate as a daycare for millennials. Our team members don’t spend their workdays playing foosball, riding skateboards, or drinking beer at the office. We’re here for business… yours.

Boring? Maybe, but business owners seem to appreciate our philosophy and work ethic. After all, our job is to generate superior results for our clients, not become expert at Hacky sack.

Getting Started

It couldn’t be easier! Your Digital+ representative will handle everything. Just tell us who you want to reach and what your campaign objectives are, we’ll take it from there. We’ll provide you with a detailed marketing plan that’s custom tailored to your specific needs and budget.

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