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Introducing Univox Media, your single source for all forms of programmatic video, audio, and online display advertising.

Univox Media specializes in programmatic digital media products that can be used to identify target prospects and serve them ads on whatever ad-supported media platforms they visit.

Univox Media can tailor a programmatic advertising campaign using streaming video (CTV, OTT, and similar), streaming audio (Spotify, Pandora, Podcasts, etc…) or digital display ads that will reach only the people that you specify. With Univox Media there's no money wasted on reaching the wrong prospects.

If you’re ready for the next level in digital advertising, you’re ready for Univox Media.


Unlike digital media companies that focus primarily on social media and search engine marketing, Univox Media is firmly anchored in the business of programmatic digital media.

The reason?

While search and social media are still viable digital marketing products, neither are regarded as state-of-the-art advertising tools.

Most marketing experts agree that social media and search engine marketing are reactive advertising products while programmatic digital is a proactive advertising tactic.

Programmatic digital advertising is constantly pursuing your best prospects whereas search and social media require those prospects to hunt for you.

Honestly, that's a big difference.

Most importantly, Univox Media provides advertisers with a higher level of campaign curation and detailed reporting. Ours is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” or “self-service = no-service” formula. Our digital architects are continually hands-on fine tuning your campaign to ensure optimal performance and ROI.

Put another way, the success of your digital advertising determines the success of Univox Media. Maybe that's why so many advertising agencies, B2B clients, government agencies, and retail advertisers trust their digital marketing to Univox Media.

We'd love to earn your business too.


Programmatic advertising is a sophisticated form of automated online marketing that puts advertising messages in front of consumers that meet the demographic, psychographic, geographic, contextual, and behavioral characteristics specified by the advertiser. Prospects can be reached with audio, video, or display advertising on hundreds of thousands of ad-supported platforms and websites.

Programmatic ad campaigns use proprietary data paired with A.I. technology to match campaign goals with user behavior. Online ads are purchased using real time bidding (RTB) technology in an automated auction process that occurs within milliseconds. Ads are then served on a wide variety of devices (phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s, etc.) based on a pre-determined budget.

In short, programmatic advertising is the most cost-efficient and cost-effective way to target consumers ever devised.


Although we handle the digital marketing for several different businesses, much of our work is done discreetly for the clients of ad agencies and media buying companies. These “white label” relationships give our agency partners the ability to offer their clients the widest range of high-quality digital media products at some of the lowest eCPM's in the industry.

Rather than incurring the time and expense of creating an in-house digital media team, Univox coordinates all of the digital marketing projects for several well-known ad agencies. Their clients enjoy better results, better reporting, and access to concierge-class digital marketing services without needlessly adding additional employees to their payroll.

"We've worked with a number of digital media vendors and keep coming back to Univox. We get better reporting, lower CPM's, and better results overall. We considered building an in-house digital media department, but the added expense and hassle made Univox Media a far more attractive option. Our clients love the results and few of them know [or care] that we've outsourced their digital marketing."


Have you noticed that TV stations, Newspapers, Magazines, and Radio stations now consider themselves experts in digital marketing? As traditional ad revenues continue to shrink, traditional media vendors are scrambling to capture some of those digital advertising dollars.

Unfortunately, proficiency in one advertising medium doesn’t necessarily transfer to another. In most cases, traditional media companies outsource (white label) their digital services to an outside vendor or they perform the work in-house charging higher CPM’s. In either case, the client ultimately pays for additional overhead and gets a lower level of service, reporting, and results. This is why using Univox Media makes so much sense. More impressions, better results, and all at a much better price.


Confidentiality prevents us from disclosing the names of our clients, but we can tell you about the industries they're in:

  • Retail
  • Public Utilities
  • Education
  • Fast Food
  • Political
  • Automotive
  • HVAC / Plumbing
  • Government Agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Entertainment
  • Trade Unions
  • Casinos
  • Legal Services
  • Food Products
  • Museums
  • Insurance
  • Trade Shows
  • Credit Unions
  • Senior Assisted Living
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Construction & Manufacturing

Each year we purchase millions of dollars in digital media for clients in a variety of business categories. Our collective knowledge, experience, and buying leverage can make Univox Media a valuable addition to an ad agency’s digital marketing efforts.



Video+ enables advertisers to programmatically reach viewers on whatever video platform they use. Viewers can be identified by demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral criteria. Video ads are then served on a wide variety of streaming platforms in ad-supported programming.

Your Video+ commercials will be seen on the most popular programs and networks. With Video+ there’s no need to guess which programs your customers are watching, because your commercials are automatically served to wherever your customers are. TV’s, mobile devices, tablets, or laptops...your ads will be seen wherever and whenever your customer is tuned in.

Best of all, unlike conventional broadcast, satellite, or cable TV, your Video+ advertising message is served only to the people you specify. There’s no wasted audience.



Today’s TV viewer has more options than ever. Where television viewing was once limited to a handful of broadcast networks, today’s TV universe is a mixture of broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms with virtually unlimited programming.

With so many choices, it’s no surprise that viewers are spending more of their time on a variety of different TV platforms. That’s what makes Video+ so appealing, your video ads are served on ad-supported streaming platforms exclusively to viewers that match the precise demographic, behavioral, contextual, and psychographic targets that you specify. Laser-focused audience targeting with ZERO wasted impressions.


Scratching your head trying to decipher the difference between “OTT” and “CTV” and how they relate to each other? Welcome to the brave new world of on-demand video viewing.

Historically, video content has been delivered to the consumer’s TV through a cable or satellite provider via a set-top box.

Today people are watching their favorite content on the go and content providers are giving consumers the ability to stream their favorite shows on the internet (using laptops mobile devices and tablets). This streaming takes place over the top of this closed infrastructure without requiring users to subscribe to a pay TV service. This new wave of streaming is called over the top or “OTT”.

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But how does connected or “CTV” fit into the picture? CTV is a living room television that’s connected to the internet – it can stream OTT content through applications. A regular TV can easily become a connected to TV through such things as gaming consoles and multimedia devices like Roku or Apple TV (anything that allows that TV to connect to OTT content through the public internet enhancing the living room viewing experience).

In many cases TVs are built with internet connectivity included – making it a “smart TV” So, while some might think that is synonymous with connected TV there is a difference. OTT is the content that’s being streamed through the public internet onto a laptop, mobile device, tablet or connected TV. Connected TV is simply one of those devices through which that OTT content can be consumed.

With Video+ your video advertising can be served to your customers on whichever platform they’re watching on.


  • 88% of U.S. Residents own a Connected TV (CTV) Device
  • 60% of OTT/CTV viewers also have a cable or satellite subscription
  • 40% of OTT/CTV viewers have neither a cable or satellite subscription
  • 91% of OTT/CTV viewers watch some form of ad-supported streaming video content

Source: Integral Ad Science Research / October 2020


of people watch streaming video content on CTV

Detailed Campaign reporting

In addition to an end-of-campaign recap, Video+ advertisers also receive detailed performance updates during their campaigns. We’ll tell you how many impressions have been served, the video completion rate, and how your campaign’s delivery is pacing with the overall delivery that was promised at campaign inception. In short, you’ll always know how your campaign is performing...not just at campaign conclusion


Radio reinvented

Introducing Audio+ the revolutionary advertising technology that combines the best of online audio programming with cross-platform programmatic digital targeting. With Audio+ your audio and display advertising messages are delivered to your customer whenever and wherever they listen online.

Audio+ automatically places your audio commercials on dozens of music and podcasting platforms. Advertisers enjoy the convenience of making a single media buy that puts their audio and display ads in front of listeners on multiple platforms. With Audio+ there’s no need to choose between streaming services...your ads will air whenever and wherever your target prospects are listening.

The advantages of audio+


Find the right audience across the open internet by demographic, interest, geolocation, device type, genres, playlists and more.


Be confident that your ads are only running alongside audio content that aligns with your brand and messaging.


In addition to accessing inventory from the leading streaming platforms, you can also power your campaigns with their data.


Tap into premium inventory from streaming music and podcast platforms

man using phone


Today the average person listens to over four hours of audio content per day, and thanks to advanced digital technology, consumers now have more ways to access music, news, and information than ever before. There’s an almost endless variety of audio platforms and format options that listeners can choose from.

Unfortunately, all those options mean that while there’s never been a better time to be an audio listener, it’s never been more challenging to be an audio advertiser. That is, until now...

Audio+ takes the guesswork out of online programmatic audio ad buying. With a single purchase, advertisers can serve their targeted audio and display ads to listeners on whatever ad-supported audio platform they’re listening to.





Audio+ uses programmatic technology to serve audio and display advertising to consumers in the same manner that traditional digital ads are served. Advertisers identify their target customers based on demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral criteria. Audio+ then serves your audio and display ads to listeners on whichever audio platform they listen to.

Audio+ ads are non-skippable and are typically served individually or with only one other non-competing advertiser in a commercial break. In addition to your audio commercial, you can also have a clickable on-screen display ad that will connect listeners to whatever URL or webpage you designate. Listeners can instantly connect with you online... immediate gratification, indeed!

Best of all, Audio+ eliminates the guesswork of picking between audio platforms... your ads go wherever your target customer goes. Audio advertising was never easier nor more efficient.


According to a recent study by Nielsen Research, over 68% of the 12+ population now listens to internet radio every week (Over 200 million people nationwide) What’s more, those listeners are spending more time listening to streaming audio than terrestrial and/or satellite radio.

Thanks to advanced Bluetooth technology, the majority of newer cars and trucks now come equipped with internet-ready audio systems that allow commuters the ability to listen to their favorite music or podcast thru their vehicle’s sound system. In fact, drivers of the newest car models listen to 40% less AM/FM than drivers of older cars.

Streaming audio

The number of digital audio listeners in the US

How much audio they're taking in each day

The total population 12+ that's listening

How much more time digital audio listeners spend with audio


A MusicWatch report that focuses solely on music listening found that streaming audio led all sectors with a 33.2% share, compared with traditional radio, which ranked second with a 15.9% share. In fact, MusicWatch market research shows that streaming audio outperformed broadcast radio in each of the last five years.


Unlike advertising on traditional broadcast radio, Audio+ provides a detailed end-of-campaign report that’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of how your campaign performed. We’ll tell you how many impressions your ads received and how many listeners clicked directly to your website (CTR). Advertising on Audio+ eliminates guesswork. Instead of wondering if your ads were heard (or if your ads ran on the best platform) you’ll have the peace-of mind knowing that your advertising was automatically delivered to your best prospects on whatever online platform they were listening.



Capturing 33.2% of daily listening time, mobile is the top digital audio device platform, and NO. 2 overall behind AM/FM radios. Narrow the scope to people under age 55 and mobile ties radio as the No. 1 device, each with a third of listening time.


The exploding popularity of smart speakers and "over-the-top" media boxes, such as Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire devices, have ignited an in-home audio renaissance. Currently, 17% of in-home audio listening is over these devices.


Digital devices drive digital listening. Drivers of 2017 and newer cars devote 44% of their in-car listening to AM/FM alternatives—satellite radio, streaming, podcasts and owned music—double the amount of time spent when compared to pre-2001 cars.


Voice recognition in casrs, homes and on mobile has created a conversational relationship between people and technology. These devices now have the capability to control an astounding seven billion internet devices in the U.S. and facilitate commerce, including [you guessed it] voice-interactive ads.

Detailed Campaign reporting



Digital+ is the next generation in programmatic digital advertising. Combining customized digital media solutions with innovative state-of-the-art technology, Digital+ gives you the ability to achieve maximum ROI at a minimal CPM.

From campaign inception to completion, you’ll always have access to an experienced digital media consultant who’ll assist you with every aspect of your digital campaign. At Digital+ we pride ourselves on providing first-rate service with bottom-line results.

No matter the size of your business, Digital+ has the tools and know-how to help you achieve your marketing goals on-time and on-budget.







chart showing the relationship between data and programs
Dynamic Experiences
Automated Buying

Reaching your customers

Using the most trusted data providers, Digital+ can put your message squarely in front of the people that matter most to you. There are no wasted impressions...we make every penny count. Digital+ programmatic campaigns are noteworthy for their exceptional targetability and low management fees.

Tell us about your ideal customer and we’ll find them. With the assistance of advanced programmatic technology and superior data partners, we can profile your target customer based on demographics, psychographics, geography, and any number of behavioral and contextual criteria. With this knowledge, we can then serve your advertising message instantaneously with real-time bidding technology no matter where they are online.

At Digital+ we have the ability to connect you with the people that matter most to your business.

what are the benefits of digital?

Better targeting.

You’d be hard pressed to find a technology platform that allows you to target across as many different tactics and devices, in real-time.

Streamlined campaign management.

Consolidating campaigns in one system across devices and formats allows you to visualize success in one place.

Easy access to ad inventories.

Advertisers are able to access the optimal inventory across a variety of exchanges simultaneously.

Getting Started

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