Video+ enables advertisers to programmatically reach viewers on whatever video platform they use. Viewers can be identified by demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral criteria. Video ads are then served on a wide variety of streaming platforms in ad-supported programming.

Your Video+ commercials will be seen on the most popular programs and networks. With Video+ there’s no need to guess which programs your customers are watching, because your commercials are automatically served to wherever your customers are. TV’s, mobile devices, tablets, or laptops...your ads will be seen wherever and whenever your customer is tuned in.

Best of all, unlike conventional broadcast, satellite, or cable TV, your Video+ advertising message is served only to the people you specify. There’s no wasted audience.



Today’s TV viewer has more options than ever. Where television viewing was once limited to a handful of broadcast networks, today’s TV universe is a mixture of broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms with virtually unlimited programming.

With so many choices, it’s no surprise that viewers are spending more of their time on a variety of different TV platforms. That’s what makes Video+ so appealing, your video ads are served on ad-supported streaming platforms exclusively to viewers that match the precise demographic, behavioral, contextual, and psychographic targets that you specify. Laser-focused audience targeting with ZERO wasted impressions.


Scratching your head trying to decipher the difference between “OTT” and “CTV” and how they relate to each other? Welcome to the brave new world of on-demand video viewing.

Historically, video content has been delivered to the consumer’s TV through a cable or satellite provider via a set-top box.

Today people are watching their favorite content on the go and content providers are giving consumers the ability to stream their favorite shows on the internet (using laptops mobile devices and tablets). This streaming takes place over the top of this closed infrastructure without requiring users to subscribe to a pay TV service. This new wave of streaming is called over the top or “OTT”.

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But how does connected or “CTV” fit into the picture? CTV is a living room television that’s connected to the internet – it can stream OTT content through applications. A regular TV can easily become a connected to TV through such things as gaming consoles and multimedia devices like Roku or Apple TV (anything that allows that TV to connect to OTT content through the public internet enhancing the living room viewing experience).

In many cases TVs are built with internet connectivity included – making it a “smart TV” So, while some might think that is synonymous with connected TV there is a difference. OTT is the content that’s being streamed through the public internet onto a laptop, mobile device, tablet or connected TV. Connected TV is simply one of those devices through which that OTT content can be consumed.

With Video+ your video advertising can be served to your customers on whichever platform they’re watching on.


  • 88% of U.S. Residents own a Connected TV (CTV) Device
  • 60% of OTT/CTV viewers also have a cable or satellite subscription
  • 40% of OTT/CTV viewers have neither a cable or satellite subscription
  • 91% of OTT/CTV viewers watch some form of ad-supported streaming video content

Source: Integral Ad Science Research / October 2020


of people watch streaming video content on CTV

Detailed Campaign reporting

In addition to an end-of-campaign recap, Video+ advertisers also receive detailed performance updates during their campaigns. We’ll tell you how many impressions have been served, the video completion rate, and how your campaign’s delivery is pacing with the overall delivery that was promised at campaign inception. In short, you’ll always know how your campaign is performing...not just at campaign conclusion

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